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How do you define crunch?

Personally, I'd define crunch as:

Periods of time where the actual working hours exceed either
a) the previously agreed upon working hours
b) 40h/week

So, for example: Your regular working hours are 30h/week. If you have a week where you reach a total of 40 hours, you're crunching. Anything above 40h/week is also crunch. There's a lot of research that indicates this number could be even lower, since productivity declines even sooner.

However, this doesn't mean that the studios listed above necessarily agree with this definition.

How do you ensure the studios listed here don't do crunch?

Currently, I don't. These studios might just be claiming that they don't do crunch, and then do it anyways. But since crunch is so widespread in our industry, any data to the contrary is appreciated.

However, I have something cool in the works: the NoCrunch Agreement™ ! This will be a legal document for companies to sign with their employees. The goal is to put your money where your mouth is: legally protect employees from crunch.

If you're interested in this, please contact me!

Isn't a little bit of crunch always necessary to finish a game?

This is exactly the misconception I'm trying to disprove with this website. Crunch is fundamentally a management problem. Apart from the health issues it causes, it might actually be harming your ability to effectively ship games.

Since this misconception is so widespread, we as an industry need to collect and highlight great counter examples to effect change. So if you know a great game that was created without crunch, please fill out the form above or contact me!

Who made this?

Hi, I'm Alexander von Franqué, a Software Engineer from Vienna. I have many years of experience in Software Development, Product Management and Project Management. I've worked on exciting software in various industries, such as Augmented Reality and Education. Throughout my career, I've helped companies ship more than 25 different products. Since I've worked mostly in startups, I've experienced first hand how devastating long periods of crunch can be.
If you have any feedback for this site, feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you!